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Connecting You To The Ice Road , Heavy Haulage Australia (HHA) & Camp Quality are happy to announce, Brisbane Convoy for Kids is back !

After an absence of over 10 years in Brisbane’s event calendar 30th October 2010 is the date set for this awesome display of Trucks, Utes, & the Transport Industry as a whole.

Invited by the previous organizer of Convoy for Kids we set out to ensure a return of not only the event but highlighting the Outstanding work Camp Quality do for kids & their families in our local region who are affected by cancer in Queensland every day.

Heavy Haulage Australia’s owner Jon Kelly was only too happy to come on board to help with the awareness raising effort, offering the use of his depot, and office to help with this event. Most people know HHA trucks to be very well presented show pieces, and if you haven’t seen one of these beauties, the whole fleet will be there, including a new little surprise addition to the fleet. But keep that to yourself, the unveiling of this will take place at the start point of the convoy. (time to be announced) Jon also insisted, although his fleet will be a part of the convoy, his trucks will not take part in the truck show judging only, as Jon will be a judge for that event. have been involved in other events in the past, with a team of volunteers from within the transport industry. As an internet website for truck drivers and based on the comedic talent of the local Brisbane driver dubbed 4Zero, (heard daily on channel 40 on the UHF radio), sees them as a group of drivers constantly aiming to put back into the industry many of them have spent many decades in, and aiming for awareness amongst the public of the constant message “WITHOUT TRUCKS ………… AUSTRALIA STOPS” .

The starting and finishing point have now been finalized as well as approval from all the necessary people, to run “YOUR” Convoy.
The starting point will be from Heavy Haulage Australia's depot at 22 Commerce Place, Larapinta (next to the Woolworth's DC, travelling through Brisbane to Redcliffe Showground’s.

The weekend will start at Larapinta on Friday 29th October with an evening of preparations for the big event as well as music, food and entertainment. For those who survive Friday night, Saturday morning will see more fun and games as well as the unveiling of “that Little Surprise mentioned above” before the convoy gets underway at 10am.

We are planning a host of entertainment (for both the little and big kids), exhibits and things for people to do and see, as well as a truck and ute shows at Redcliffe Showground’s on the Saturday. Saturday night will be the time to sit back, have a few drinks with friends, a great feed and listen to some live music.

Sunday morning will see a "survivors" breaky at the showground’s.

This is going to be a HUGE weekend, so mark it on your calendar's now. 30th October 2010. We are going to be able to showcase our trucks and utes, show our partner’s and kids what we get up to all those hours we are away from home, and raise some much needed funds for the kids of Camp Quality.

Organisers : 40fm Australian Truck driver Site (Brisbane) Heavy Haulage Australia ( want to see bling trucks ? look these guys up)
In Conjuction with Camp Quality Brisbane



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