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What a great site and some wonderful comments left by men and women.  I married my sexy trucker 3 years ago whom I adore. He works long hours and  is away form home for weeks at a time. Modern technology has enabled us to be together in a moment's time. Internet and cell phones keep the fires burning , till my wonderful sexy husband comes home. Where would we be without truck drivers? Think about it for a moment. These men/women for the most part are descent, honest, hardworking and faithful people who after being away can hardly wait to get home to their family and loved ones for some r and r.

One becomes a member on this site and the emails start rolling in from desperate women sending love letters to one's husband. You know who you are. THIS IS NOT A DATING SITE. 

If it's  friendship you want from my husband, all you have to do is ask, instead forwarding a love letter as if he would actually respond and go for desperate TRASH like yourself. Have you nothing better to do than target our hardworking husbands behind the wheel? Have you no respect for yourself? Get a life, move on, because you are on the wrong page.

The next time you leave a love letter for my husband, I will give you a more descriptive version of what I think of you. For now I will leave you with this message.






Mrs. M



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