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Hey everyone, I'm new here. I figured there would be a discussion somewhere on here about sean 4. So does anyone know if there will be a season 4? If so where will it be?

 I've done all kinds of searchss fo this, and haven't had any luck, but I did find this site, so maybe that is a good thing.

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sounds like it will be soon....this came across my desk today....

Original Productions, the company behind History Channel’s top rated show, Ice Road Truckers, is looking for some badass, rig runners. If you think you could show our ice road veterans a thing or two about how it’s done… this is your chance. Ice Road Truckers is having an open casting call at Kodiak Jacks, on Wednesday, 31st, at 2pm. That’s Kodiak Jacks, corner of Cushman and Gaffey in Fairbanks, AK. Wednesday March 31st, at 2pm. Ice Road Truckers… A job to die for.
I hope not, Josie as a real Alaskan please tell me you don't watch this stupid show. This show disgraces all old school haul road drivers. Why do you think Ak West, Lynden and a few other companies’ don’t want anything to do with this show.
must confess i don't watch anymore.....just the company i work for was involved in the casting call in fairbanks and i wanted to make sure people who were actually interested would show up to the call-not just lurkers

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