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I heard History Channel is casting for a new truckers series. It is going to follow openly Gay and Transvestites truckers. I heard some of our bloggers from this website will be starting.




Chuck Miller,


Ronnie Boy.


I know it took you guys some time to come out of the closet or out of the sleeper I should say. Just think instead of Atigun Pass, it's Anal Pass for you Gents, and you won't be going down the beaver slide, it's going to be the Dong Slide. Good Luck guys, I'm sure you will do just fine.

And hey it's ok no one cares you guys live an Alternative lifestyle. Society is becoming more tolerant of you.

Good Luck =)

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U seem to know waaaaay 2 much about it. outted yurself on that 1 lolololol
Chuck Miller
Please stop emailing, Like i explained to you before I'm not GAY and not interested in meeting up with you and your buddies. I really appreciate that you find me attractive and you really want to be my bottom bun. But I’m straight and an arrow. I hope you can understand, I know rejection hurts, but in our privet emails you haven’t taken the hint. Stick with your buddy Ron, It seems like you like those chubby types, hey it's ok to be a Chubby Chaser.

Just think there is a man out there that is willing to accept your deviate behavior you described to me. You will find that man that will be your TOP half and you two can have all the fun you want inside your sleeper.

Well I hope you understand I know rejection sucks “oops shouldn’t have said that now you’re all excited to show off your oral expertise”.

Good Luck Buddie

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