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I would like to apply for a job on the ice roads. I live i Northern ON
and have had my license for over 13 years and have driven in the worse
conditons around hear. I am sure I can handle it up. How do i go about
applying for a job like this. I know there are many companies up and i
am sure there are good ones and bad ones. On the show there are drug
tests at the start of the year, is this true, do u need to be drug
tested before u can get the job and if so what are they looking for in
the tests. I do not do hard drugs and never have but my friends smoke
grass around when i am over at the garage. I am wondering if this is
going to be a problem because i am sure i have inhaled some second hand
smoke being around them. If i have to pay my way up there and get
turned around because of a drug test i dont pass i would be wasting
time. If u could direct me to some good companies up there it would be
greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time.

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all i know is one should avoid poppy seeds. this came across my desk today if it helps....

Are you a trucker? Original Productions, the company behind History Channel’s top rated show, Ice Road Truckers, is looking for some badass, rig runners. If you think you could show our ice road veterans a thing or two about how it’s done… this is your chance. Ice Road Truckers is having an open casting call at Kodiak Jacks, on Wednesday, 31st, at 2pm. That’s Kodiak Jacks, corner of Cushman and Gaffey in Fairbanks, AK. Wednesday March 31st, at 2pm. Ice Road Truckers… A job to die for.
So i guess smoking same grass i a bad thing also. I dont know if i can handle the DOLTON. If it isnt scary enough that they drive on flat thick ice. They got to throw the DOLTON in there. The DOLTON is the only place in the world where they have hills and snow because its in ALASKA. The most god dam scariest place in the world to drive truck. Dont get me wrong this show is going HOLLYWOOD fast.
LAST YEAR I I BROKE MY FACE !!!! hahahahahahha lol

There will be another on Sunday the 4th

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