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Is this forum all about the stupid show i thought it was a community for ice road truckers

Is there anyone out there that can give soon useful help. I am going on 14 years experience driving truck and driven in the worse conditions imaginable in Northern ON. I think some flat ice would be a cake walk. Does anyone know of some good companies to apply for on the ice roads. Ive tryed to get contacts on line and all i get are sites that you have to pay for to get contacts. Is there drug tests and if so what are they looking for. I guess i could say Ive inhaled some second hand smoke being around my buddies and if i cant get a job because of that i dont want it.  Is there anyone out there that is a really truck driver and has some real advice it would be greatly appreciated.

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Fortiesoil Fields (UK) is proud to support U.S./ NATO military personnel in various contingency environments such as in UK Northsea oil region, Gulf regions,Dubai,Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Israel,Japan,Germany. Fortiesoil Fields services is currently recruiting at the (UK) Northsea region with list of support roles such as Heavy Truck drivers, Crane operators, Welders, HSE officers, logistics support, security jobs, food services support, maintenance jobs and power generation jobs. We provide the Army with the logistical supports.Project plan is 2010-2015.

For your applications and more details send in your updated resume/CV via
Yes im a trucker in BC and yes we get tested all the time and the haul road is far from flat ice its the most dangous road in north america and if you were an experianced driver for 14 years you'd know all this already.. every company out west does drug testing and if you inhailed then id say cut your licence up your a danger to your self and everyone eles on the road.........

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