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So first time I watched this series I was drunk like hell but now watching the latest S04 and it's a goddamn joke.

I can't even understand how could they made a series from this cause it's always the same crap.

Hugh and the russian guy with the idiotic laugh keep racing. Lisa gets off on oversize loads. Ray keep repairing others shit on the road plus they put in some back story like they breaking ice on a river lol...

You would get hellbored from this series after 2-3 parts, no wonder it didnt even hit EZTV cause it's a fail and finding that theres a community around this movie already is even more ridiculous.

Don't get me wrong I don't think driving a truck is a pathetic job, this movie is...

I would be the boss of Lisa she would giving me blowjobs whenever I want it otherwise I would fire her the hell out. She should go shoot porn instead of doing this job anyway.

Hugh is the only hardcore tracker here.

But what pisses me off the most that they hardly ever have any accidents or die. If one of them would die at least then I say this movie is not 0 on a 10 scale but 1 cause theres no reality in this at all.

They must do all safety precautions during shooting the movie, not to mention 1-2 car and pbly ambulance too following the drivers in the back. All the tough talk that they overgo the speed limits and almost slip out the road is bullshit. All staged.

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Jockey~ I agree 100% with you, but be careful there are some diehards on this website that will defend Lisa. The funny thing is that they have no idea who she is, I have met her and she is an idiot. Customs should have booted Hugh as soon as he landed in Alaska.

This show is one of the dumbest shows ever produced; the History channel hit an all-time low with this one. They claim the Dalton Hwy is an ice road, but how can it be an ice road when 85% of it is paved. Lisa wants to be a heavy haul driver because that is the cool thing in trucking in Alaska, but she can't even pull a car trailer. Do you really want someone like her pulling an oversized load through your city streets?

You’re probably going to get hate mail from bloggers on here by the name of Ron, Ronnie Boy and Chuck Miller. They are die hard idiot truck drivers that claim this show is the best thing ever created. They will give you a made up name like Steve, lol they call me Steve but it just goes to show you how STUPID these guys are. I think there part of some secret” male on male” club if you know what I mean.

Good Post Jockey, it's nice to know there are other people out there that think this show is RETARDED.
We can make her air tight one in the front one in the rear. She will be hauling a heavy load alright, My heavy Package. LMAO

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