Ice Road Truckers Community

Connecting You To The Ice Road

Getting Started With This Ice Road Truckers Community

Here's a brief list of the first things you should to when you join the Ice Road Truckers Community. Doing these things will help you feel connected more quickly with the community.

1. Complete your profile information (answer the questions, fill in the blanks)
2. Upload you profile photo (please, no company logos)
3. Find and join groups of interest (click "groups" at top of page and look around)
4. Add comments to interesting discussions
5. Start your own discussion (via blog or forum)
6. Invite people you know or want to know to be your friend. This will allow you to send messages directly. (If you like it here, chances are so will you friends / colleagues and clients).

Please refrain from using excessive profanity, hate speech or any speech that attacks or criticizes other members. This is a place for people to discuss things in a civil manner. Disagreements are fine; name calling isn't. You will be banned if you violate these rules.

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Hello everyone, that was a nice easy sign up, well done.

regards Grant
If the ice road truckers do not make a minimum of 500 per day, if not, why not
Hey Jason how about NO SPAM!! SO we can get relevant information on the truckers on the main page!!

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